As Apple touts the upcoming release of iOS 12, it’s looking to put its often troublesome predecessor, iOS 11, behind it – and not look back. If you’re like many iPhone and iPad users, iOS 11 may have had you spending a fair amount of time waiting for updates to fix performance issues and bugs.


These are exactly the things that Apple is looking to change in its new operating system. With a focus on usability and performance, Apple is making things better for both iPhone X users, as well as those who are still using the iPhone 6.


The new iOS is already out in its second beta version for developers, and beta version is now officially available for the public to download. While the Apple website just says that iOS 12 is due out in the fall, it should be ready to go by the time the company rolls out its new iPhones this September.


Some of our favorite apps are also getting upgrades with the new software – in particular, FaceTime is getting a “face lift,” with Apple finally coming through on the long in-demand group call option. The app supports video and audio for up to 32 users at once, with a tiled format with a feature that makes the tile of the speaker appear larger so listeners can keep track of who’s chiming in.


Group FaceTime calls can be launched directly from an iMessage thread, or users can join an active group call at any time. Here are some more of our favorite updates from the new iOS 12:



In a quiet nod to the discontent that came with performance throttling on iPhone 6 and other models as batteries aged, Apple has taken advantage of the new operating system to upgrade phone performance considerably.


On its website, Apple says that the new iOS is supported going back all the way to the iPhone 5S, and can improve speeds on the Camera app by up to 70%, and on the pop-up keyboard by up to 50%. And multitaskers will see the biggest jump – Apple says that apps with launch two times faster when the phone is under a heavy workload.

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