So, you’ve just cracked the screen or front panel on your phone. Whether it slipped out of your hand or you left it on top of your car when you drove away. What do you do now? If your warranty doesn’t cover a replacement, you are left with a few options.
Should you repair it or replace it with a new one? Or fix it yourself?



Before making any repair on your own, you must understand that it might be very risky. So, you should consider doing it when you are out of options. it is a very nerve-wracking process and replacement parts are expensive even impossible to find.

Examining other 2 options, service providers will try to convince you to buy a new device instead of repairing your device. But repairing will be a lot cheaper than replacing it. However, most of the people think that repairing is way too expensive. According to industry data collected in 2015, the average price to fix iPhone 6 is $179. Sure, it is expensive. But considering how much of your life revolves around your smartphone it is a small price to pay to get your favorite device working like new. Because we all know how much buying a new one would cost.

Repairing a damaged phone seems like more plausible option to most. At the end, if you think to give your phone to repair shop there are some points that you should pay attention to before trusting your phone to repair shop.
Most important things of all obviously, you should check reviews online before you visit the store. Make sure you trust your phone to skilled technicians and store uses premium quality parts. Other than that, professional shops always provide 12 months warranty on replaced parts. Finally, when repairing your phone, you should consider the repair charges as well. It should be affordable but not very cheap so that it sounds cheesy. Little ads won’t kill us! Check out to find all these awesome qualities on Rocket Fix.

All around, your choice of the option depends on the phone and how big the damage is to make the right decision.

Source https://www.rocketfix.com/what-to-do-with-cracked-phone/

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