iPhone X screen won’t turn on

If your iPhone X screen simply doesn’t turn on or dies without notice, the device is still on, but your screen is black and you can still hear the sound of the video you were watching – there’s undoubtedly an issue. In this instance, we recommend force restarting the device and attempting to charge it.


To perform a force restart, quickly press and release the ‘volume up’ button. Next, perform the exact same action with the ‘volume down’ button. Finally, press and hold the ‘side button’ until you see a white Apple logo.

Issues with iPhone X Touchscreen

Wipe your screen with a soft cloth and remove any dirt/oil. The build-up of both can cause your device not to work properly – especially the touchscreen aspect of your iPhone X.

Apps Freezing Unexpectedly

If your apps are continually freezing while trying to use them, head to the App Store and update any and all out-of-date apps. After this, restart your device and the issue should be resolved.


Stuck on Verifying Update

Updates are the necessary (yet annoying) part of owning any device, and with Apple, there sure seem to be a lot of updates.


If your device gets stuck while verifying an update, make sure that your network connection is stable and not disconnected. This could easily be the cause of your headache and stopping you from using your device when you need it most.

If you become disconnected from the network, the fix is actually a piece of cake – simply reboot the device, open iTunes and update your iPhone X.

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