Your phone screen is broken and you don’t know what to do now? Certain damages to your phones’ screen can be repaired without a full replacement including minor scratches and water damage. Likewise, there are other issues that may require the screen to be completely changed. Many phone users have experienced a scratched or cracked screen at one point or another, and in this article, we’ll discuss the solutions to fix screen damages.

What’s up with prices?

So, you want to repair the damage and wondering how much it will cost for you. The price varies according to the brand and model of your phone. Here are the prices for screen replacement of some favorite brands.

HTC: HTC 10 – $110, HTC U11 – $276

LG: LG G4 – $96, LG G5 – $152, LG G6 – $253

SONY: Xperia Z3 – $110, Xperia Z5 – $221

SAMSUNG: Galaxy Note 5 – $221, Galaxy S7 – $207, Galaxy S7 Edge – $276, Galaxy S8 Plus – $414

APPLE: iPhone 5 and 5s – $69, iPhone 6s – $79, iPhone 6s Plus – $89, iPhone 7 – $124, iPhone 7 Plus – $134, iPhone 8 – $173, iPhone 8 Plus – $198

Of course, we recommend it for the phones that has no longer guarantee.


If the warranty period of your phone is not over and it covers the damage go to the authorized place. As we have already mentioned above, this operation is a process that requires mastery. If you take it to an authorized place, you will receive a smoother transaction delivery and you can always rely on an authorized place when there seems to be a problem.


If the phone screen is broken and you want to change it yourself, we support you, but we want to say that it’s too risky. However, if you say I just need to see how it works and then I can do it, after watching a few tutorials, you can try it yourself. In this case, you should buy the pieces on your own as well. We strongly recommend that you get original phone parts. Some people buy cheap pieces to save money. Besides the screen quality, all parts of the phone operate at a certain voltage. Since there will be a voltage difference between the original and the fake, this can cause even more damage to your phone, which can even cost your phone.


If you are out of options and thinking I will just live with my broken screen, well, put some creative wallpapers and your screen will look better than ever.

Did You Know: In the early days of cell phones, screen repair was not possible? If your screen was cracked, a new phone was your only solution; and that meant a bunch of money! Now, repairing a cell phone screen is easy and will take just a short amount of time at Rocket Fix

Source https://www.rocketfix.com/broke-phone-screen-now/

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