To paraphrase the famous sonnet, there’s no end to the ways we love our iPhones. We love them as music players, as web browsers, as schedulers, and note-takers. We use them to check stock prices, for directions, even to find romance – not to mention communication.


Since Apple released the first-generation iPhone (11 years ago!), the tech giant has been working tirelessly to make the world’s most popular smartphone indispensable to us all – and they’ve largely succeeded. It’s hard to imagine getting through the day without one.


Unfortunately, our pocketside assistants aren’t infallible. It’s not uncommon to find your iPhone not working quite as you’d like – and with such a complicated piece of equipment, the occasional hitch can be expected.




It only takes a few seconds to pick a time slot for a certified Puls technician to visit you wherever you like: at home, the office – even the gym. Whether you need of an iPhone screen repair, a new iPhone battery or another form of iPhone repair, our team of professionals would be happy to fix it for you. But before you book an appointment to call in the experts, there are a few iPhone troubleshooting tips you can try on your own.


If you think you’ve got a broken iPhone on your hands, try out our handy iPhone troubleshooting guides.  Want to learn how to clean your iPhone? We cover that, too. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of common iPhone problems and solutions that can sometimes be fixed with something as simple as an iOS update.

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